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Customer Database Export

Axia ePay provides a paid service for merchants who need to export full card numbers from either their entire customer database or certain customers from the database. We also offer the same service for transferring numbers from the sandbox test environment.

If you would like to just see the card number you can apply for an SSL certificate that will let you access the card number and expiration date directly when signed into your merchant account with us. The SSL certificate is free and you can get more information here.

Requesting a Customer Database Export

There are two forms available, one for the regular live export and one for the sandbox. After filling out the form your export will be scheduled and processed. You will need to email the completed form to



Technical Requirements

You will need to generate a pgp encryption key before we can export your customer database. This will allow us to encrypt a csv file of your customers and securely send it to you. Once encrypted, a database file can be sent via email or uploaded to a ftp server. If you have any questions about generating a pgp key or how we can send your data, please email or call (877)-771-2942.

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