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Axia ePay Developer Support

Axia ePay's Developer Library contains documentation, examples, source code and controls for integrating our gateway into your software.

Developer's Reference - Quick Reference guide for integrating

Sandbox Test Account - The sandbox provides a full simulation of the production gateway and is the ideal way to test your integration

SSL Client Certificates - Accessing the full card number and expiration date while signed into the merchant console.

Customer Database Export - Customer Database and Sandbox test environment export of the full card numbers and expiration date.

Data Security - Description of Axia's comprehensive security features.

Basic Integration

ePayment Form

The payment form allows a merchant to send the customer to Axia ePay for the collection of secure payment information

Integration APIs

Transaction API

The basic protocol for connecting to the gateway. Can be used either directly via a form or transparently via a cgi running on the merchant's own webserver.

Advanced SOAP Interface

A thorough SOAP interface that provides extensive functionality. In addition to processing transactions, the soap interface may be used to pull reports, control batches, store customer data and automate reseller functionality.

Language Specific Libraries

PHP Library

A simple class that provides an easy-to-use object oriented interface to the Axia ePay gateway. Compatible with PHP4 or PHP5. Requires CuRL or PHP SSL Streams support.


A .NET class that allows developers to process cards via .NET applications. Includes easier to use wrappers to some SOAP Interface functions.

Java Library

A complete java implementation of the Soap Interface. Include Jax-WS and Jax-RPC versions.

JavaScript Code

Client-side JavaScript which works with Axia ePay.

Ruby Library

Easy to use Ruby interface for running server to server processing.


A third party CPAN module that's part of the Business::OnlinePayment framework. For help with this module please contact its maintainer.

iOS Library

Easy to use iOS library for payment processing.

Android Library

Easy to use Android library for payment processing.

Migrating from other gateways

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